Oct 29, 2008

Witchy Poo has beads and letters

Back with an update on Witchy Poo's progress...
Its been slow but worth while so far...
This weeks challenge was to work on Alphabet...so I finished with her beads in the cauldron and began her letters..
Mid way through the second letter I decided that I needed to stitch a grid,something I have never done...never!.. so instead of asking questions or look up instructions I just plowed along thinking I could do this...(It was really late Monday night and I didn't feel like research)
Well, first line was a disaster...well not that bad but after I looked at it I knew I did not do it right. I mean what was the purpose of the grid if not to help you know where to start, stop or end a design...duhhh!

So I made a plan...lol.. and started my second (horizontally) and then the third was vertically...wow I got it...(if it's not the correct way don't tell yet please this is working for me) lol ... I could see that I was on my way... I was able to see the start of another letter and it cut my counting in half!
I will never stitch a big pattern without those grid lines it's so much easier and faster..
Tuesday was a life day...you know when life takes over and intrudes on your stitching fun.. Looking for a job, setting up interviews, faxes, emails etc.. then of course the dreaded "housework"!.. I wasn't able to get to cross stitching till late again and I made a little more progress...
Wednesday is catchup with laundry, grocery shopping, etc.. but since I didn't have any interviews lined up :( .. I will be stitching a little today but earlier..
Grid lines here I come.. you can see the few I did already in the picture..

I was going to work on the other 3 coasters but I didn't so far and my poor "Earthdancer" just got a few stitches in...gotta stick with the schedule!

Well, hope you are all are stitching away with your own projects..let me know what you are doing and how it's coming along I would love to know...like always thanks for stopping by