Aug 10, 2009

Welcome to my Blog

I would like to extend a welcome to all visitors to this blog. I enjoy knowing that my love of Art is interesting enough for you to visit me. I have always enjoyed most forms Arts....I have always been involved in one form or another...
I love color so from an early age my favorite Aunt Mary on her visits (which were not as often as I would like) inspired me by starting me off by teaching me to learn embroidery... she would help me make dolls dresses and then bring out her box of flosses... Beautiful rich colors, a little girls treasure trove and embroider each dress with simple flowers, hearts etc.... she also taught me the simple first steps to crocheting...again simple stitches but definitely my introduction to needlework...
Growing up I was always involved in one form or another with colors through my love of crafts.
I married became a mother of 3 (1 girl 2 boys) and used what I knew to crochet their first blankets, simple caps and booties... I made my daughter a beautiful crochet dress that I wish I still had.
My sons each had their goodies too. My love of Cross Stitching I think has been the one (besides collecting and making my own stuffed teddy bears) that fed that love of colors. So many designers love colors and use them in a variety of themes.
Here I will share with you my cross stitching projects, some ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and some scrap booking.... I invite you to leave a comment on this post if you so choose... thank you for reading... enjoy