Jan 16, 2009

There be Dragons here!

Ok, it's a rip off the Star Trek Movie,"The Voyage Home" said by Scotty, (he said whales though..:)

I logged in today and saw I had one of the dragon eggs hatch today..on the top right corner.. Isn't he cute? lol.. I guess I am a proud mama and will find a dragon xstitch to honor them...lol His/her siblings need your help so kindly click on each one ok?

Well other than a decreasing amount of bouts with migraines, my dragons and two very sweet bloggers have honored me with some awards. Unfortunately I am still having trouble with the set up.. so for now I will show you the awards and then if someone takes pity on me and goes over the rules again and the posting of sites steps I will do my best to play fair.

This one was from Wendy from Belguim:

and this one from my BFF Cindy F from Texas:

Aren't they the sweetest? Definitely raised my flagging spirits.

Everything else is pretty much the same but I will not go into again..enough!

Tonight is SAT on Let's Stitch and I hope I will be in the stitching mood, it has been difficult to concentrate for long.
I will check in a little while, about the only thing I have done is post to a few who have had a new finish and visited a few friends. Gotta get my mojo back!

As always, thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments since they are the only way I will know you have stopped and shared with me...after all they are the footprints of where you have been and ...I really love them..