Dec 31, 2008

Adieu 2008

As we say Good-bye to 2008 let us remember all the wonderful things we have and we have gained and we have shared.
I for one have a wonderful loving family, I have gained thru the blog world new loving, caring friends and shared many encouraging words and receiving even more.
This will be my last blog post for this what an experience it has been and to think I fought it for so long.. I felt it was for kids and dating couples or for business etc.. never really took the time to really look into it until I was looking for a particular craft idea/problem to solve and decided to look into cross stitching and viola.. my eyes were opened..the lights were turned I joined my first blog "Let's Stitch" which encouraged me to continue with something I had thought I would never be able to do again... Through many wonderful ladies who just gave such encouragemnt I took up the needle and slowly fought the pain and said 'Yes I can, Yes I will"... Yes, I continue to have many bad days but when I finish a project and the those beautiful words start pouring in I just forget those days and bask in the warmth the words give.
Mushy? yeah but ah so true..
I want to especially give thanks to one dear friend I met named Cindy Fong from Texas who I secretly think is my younger sister-clone or ? we just seem to hit it off right from the start. We like the same things, we seem to be thinking about the same thing around the same time..we somethings can almost finish each others thoughts, spooky huh.. She is just the bestest BFF ever...

Well not to delay this any longer, time to get festive around here, kids coming over. I want to wish each and every one of you a wonderful and safe New Year with your love ones... Thank you for being part of my life, for knowing you has enriched mine. Here is to a great 2009 and to many more stitching projects ahead..
Let's continue to share them.. (I have some new ones that my daughter gave me, wait to you see...but not now wait til next
To all my loyal followers THANK YOU it means a lot to me to know you care enough to return each time.
As always, thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments since they are the only way I will know you have stopped and shared with me...after all they are the footprints of where you have been and ...I really love them..

Dec 27, 2008

New Finish Yo Ho Ho Ho Pirate Santa

Hi Everyone
Just a quick note hoping everyone had a great holiday...I sure did with my family...but then I always have a great time whenever I can spend time with them.
We ate, we laugh and we shared...a little too son was sick but we insisted he join us so he shared his next day my daughter wasn't feeling well and neither was I so everyone stayed home....:( .. I ended up with exhaustion and elevated blood pressure that caused severe swollen legs (sorry to be so graphic) and have been bed ridden ever since (good time for I barely made it to Friday SAT..but I did stitch for a few hours and worked on Witchie Poo and a little on Earthdancer... As soon as I find my camera, it's gotta be among the boxes and wrappings I will download the pictures of the finished xstitch gifts I made for my kids.. I took this one and had downloaded before I did the final finish so I am showing you a before wrapping. What I finally did was insert it in a little jewelry box and gave the pink to my daughter in law (her favorite color), blue to my daughter (her favorite)..with little bracelets in side..was going to make earrings to match but no time...the Michael Powell tree to my son...Rudolph to my grandson..besides their other gifts then of course the rest of the gang got their store bought regular gifts.
this is actually the pink but it is washed out..sorry..

Well gotta go.. headache is among us..time to do some shut eye in darkville..

As always, thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments since they are the only way I will know you have stopped and shared with me...after all they are the footprints of where you have been and ...I really love them..

Dec 20, 2008

The Tree Progress

Wow I actually stitched 6 hours straight last night during the SAT with only the one necessary pitstop...even did without food! I am very pleased with my progress.
This design is so whimsical that I just love it and am looking forward to doing another of Michael Powell's cute designs.
I quit at 12:30am and crashed into bed, got up early for a work meeting.. then came home and after finally eating something did a little decorating around the house.. I am now going to quit since it is almost time to take everything down truthfully though I tend to leave everything up til the start of New Year so will really see lots of glowing lights for a while (will keep me inspired for any Xmas project I don't get to finish, good head start for next year...:)
Here is my tree..what do you think?

Will be a little sad to see it go but since it's for the kids I know I will see it again and again.. I know too that I will eventually make one for my self..

My daughter stopped by this afternoon and I had to scramble to hide my Rudolph and Tree and take out another project quickly... close call.

After they left the house was quieter and I gotta tell you I had a little bit of a fright. I was hearing a little bit of a noise but I couldn't distinguish what it was exactly and asked my husband but he couldn't tell.. I thought maybe it was from outside so I didn't give it much thought I figured. My husband was watching TV-sports (what else) and then fell asleep so I turned the sound down and decided to go back to my stitching for a while... no sooner had I taken my project out that I started to hear the sound again..eerie...this time it was like a voice I thought then maybe two voices.. I strained my ears to listen but still couldn't make out the words or where they were coming from.. I was getting curious and just a tad freaked out.. I searched the house going room to room.. nothing there but as I got closer to my favorite chair (cross stitch spot)I could again hear I could tell they were voices..I felt a chill, I knew those voices..I got closer and leaned down to hear.. "Well, she really did turned out to be a fickle friend" one said..I was indignant.. they could not be talking about me, could they?.. "And after all we have been together, she treats us like this!" said the other voice, I knew it was the older of the two..... "And remember how she was besides her self when she was stuck and that wonderful new friend came to her rescue?" ... said the cheeks burned..they WERE talking about me.. I was so embarrassed but confused what had I done to them..surely they understood what had happened? they were my friends and I felt that would know that I would never forget them and just because we had not been able to spend some time together it was due to time... I thought about my new friend..she had been there for me .. did she too think I had abandoned the others? Surely not..we talked all the time and she knew what I was doing, my schedule and she was always caring and constantly encouraging...
Wow, I started to laugh for it was my conscience the form of "Witchie Poo and her Sister" I uncovered them and apologized, made all the right ohhs and ahhs of how well they were holding up and promised that as soon as the holidays were over I would be with them again..pinkie swear.... My goodness they may be green in the face but I swear I saw some pleased as punch pink cheeks... It may not be New Year's yet but I have made one resolution and that is to return to dear friends (new and old, real and stitched ones) and share the new year...together. The sister's and I have toasted to it!!

As always, thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments since they are the only way I will know you have stopped and shared with me...after all they are the footprints of where you have been and ...I really love them..

Dec 19, 2008

Hi everyone ...still going around Xmas shopping? Yeah me too!
Though they are small and inexpensive gifts it is still a chore to go to the mall!!
Anyway I just want to update everyone on my xstitch "Tree" progress. I managed to work a little last night and I will be stitching with the group on "Let's Stitch" for our usual SAT for Friday nights.
Hopefully I will get this finish very very soon as I have one more design to stitch for Xmas.. The pressure is on..! lol.
Here is Michael Powell "Tree" design for 2008..

Okay off to my SAT..

As always, thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments since they are the only way I will know you have stopped and shared with me...after all they are the footprints of where you have been and ...I really love them..

Dec 15, 2008

Whew Rudolph with Black Nose is Finished!

I really don't know why I called him was the first name that popped into my head I guess.. but whatever his name, he is finished!

"Light Up Your Life" Freebie
Design by : Sandra Parlow
Used 3ply of
DMC floss colors recommended..
Fabric 10ct Aida - White

I did change the thread for the lights, instead of Kreinik green and red, since I only had the red when I searched my two LNS (Joann's and Michaels) they were non existent. But I did find DMC Jewel Effects..Beautiful but oh so difficult when the thread is short and 1/4 stitches are used..mama mia..will certainly use again but will choose my design wisely.. I think it came out pretty good though.
Thought I would make 2 but no time I think ( I am gonna have to do one for me eventually)
Also changed the wording to "You Light Up My Life" since it's for my kids.
I should have used 4 ply of floss for the design itself but ...oh well.

I also started a Michael Powell Design..Xmas Tree.. I love his wacky designs and will eventually do one of his houses.. Love his website "Michael Powell Cross Stitch Art" at

As always, thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments since they are the only way I will know you have stopped and shared with me...after all they are the footprints of where you have been and ...I really love them..

Dec 12, 2008

Rudolph almost done!

Since I have had so little time this week I almost managed to finish Rudolph but not quite... was up til 3:30am last night but then I started on him at 10:30pm and then up by 7:20am...not good.
I am having my Friday SAT tonight and I am sure I will have him finished.
Maybe even finished-finished if I could just decide how... I am leaning towards a hanger with maybe a felt back.. I have a kit with snowmen that are done this way so I think I will borrow the idea.. It seems to be the quickest and I really need to get going on this.. I still have a tree and snowmen to do...oh my will I finish or will I be giving this on New Year's..:(
The designs are really easy but I need to actually get to it..*sigh*... I remember actually saying I thought the days were long.. ha, I must have been delirious or dreaming..
I love being busy but this is ridiculous..I feel like I am spinning in circles..
Looking forward to Xmas since I see more of my kids but then I dread it..know what I mean? Not ready yet!

Well off to make dinner and a small nap if I expect to be up to stitching at 6pm.. gee I hope I don't sleep thru the whole

As always, thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments since they are the only way I will know you have stopped and shared with me... after all they are the footprints of where you have been and ... I really love them..

Dec 9, 2008

Here he is, Rudolph, a gift that I am working on for my kids (I always call them that even though they are all grown up with kids of their own). I am working on another small pattern x2.. oh gosh at this rate will I ever finish?
I did not post earlier due to more things heaped on my days.. My daughter surprised me with a Xmas tree ( I actually wasn't planning on decorating this year) and I was chosen by my dh to decorate..he always does I He figures his job is to take out the boxes and boxes of decorations from the attic and I fair I guess. Oh but what a task.
Just the untangling and checking of lights is a 2 hour job... I could have sworn we made nice orderly bundles of them when we put them a way..*sigh* I think the elves came in to help but got confused.
I finally got them put on the tree, they look so pretty and now comes the fun part I guess.. Since I love bears I have so many that choosing is difficult, I have ceramic, glass, paper, plush silver etc you get it right? I have them all over the house all year round.. it is my collection fetish though I have stopped adding new ones for the last 2 years.. too expensive and no Now you see why I wasn't planning on decorating this year? but my daughter would not have it! I do love the colores, smell of he tree and pine cones sprinkled with cinnamon oil..humm yummy.
Imagine when I finally get to the kitchen and bake some cookies and bake the pumpkin pies and banana bread.. oh, my tummy is Ok I am hooked..again.. guess my daughter was right when she said I would regret it if I did get in decorating spirit..wise girl she is...

Anyway I did not have time to stitch the weekend so I am glad I got this much done.. now to make another.. still haven't decided if it will be a decoration or a ??? any ideas?
Well today is Tuesday and I have no plans until tonight so off to stitch for a while and continue decorating around the house.. Happy decorating and baking to all of you who do. When I am finished I will post a picture of the tree..if you all wish to see it..

As always, thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments since they are the only way I will know you have stopped and shared with me...after all they are the footprints of where you have been and ...I really love them..

Dec 2, 2008


Yep that's me... I have been so outta my skin that I think I am two people...the one that wants to stitch and spend time on the blogs and the realistic one who has to deal with life. Guess which one was M.I.A.?..
Ok, let's start...This past Friday aka as "Black Friday" I got up real early (for me) 5:30 am to get ready for my training/motivating meeting approx 45 mins away..take my husband to work by 8:30am and be at the meeting at 9:30.. It was really good but lasted too long.. til 1:45pm and then a recap with my manager that lasted 20 mins and me with only 1/2 glass of OJ in my system..headache time! I left there went to make a bank deposit and post office.. I was thinking of stopping by one of the craft stores to pick up a few floss colors I needed but the parking lots were logged jammed wherever I looked.. not for me.. got home at 3:30.. I was hungry and exhausted.. I chose to lay down rather than eat! I zonked out for 2 hours, had to get a quick dinner ready (leftovers from turkey day) since dh was coming home early and kids were coming at 7:30pm just made it to pick him up at 6:30pm..traffic was awful on the way back so we got home late and barely had time to relax for a few mins when kids came... good thing they are so good and do not need serving or much attention.. they gave it to me! So lucky I am..
By the time they left and I could get to stitching it was almost 10pm and I was surprised that I was actually itching to get to it..
I didn't have much time for my usual Friday night SAT but I wanted to join so I jumped right in. (forgot to even post that I was stitching with them).
An off chance remark from my dh had made me stopping to think, he commented that I was beginning new projects and forgetting the old ones", so I pulled out "Earthdancer" and though it wasn't much I stitched a little on that.. a little on "Witchie Poo" and on the gifts for my kids... I kinda looked wired or crazy, maybe both!
Mr Frog was with me but no serious damaged I was able to catch him quickly..

Saturday I had to go to my local training class (they are every Mon, Thurs and Sat..the big meetings are on Fridays 45mins away... oh well it's part of this new job opportunity that I am starting.
Then came home and had no umph to get to stitching but I did tackle one of the gifts.. I realize that at this pace I will not get to finish it for Xmas so guess what? it is going to be put away for a little bit.. instead I got a couple of small ones that I can finish... maybe into ornaments, frames or pillow? will see how it goes.. unfortunately I never got to take pictures.. I left my camera with my daughter to print some Turkey Day pictures.
Sunday it rained and rained and rained...and was kinda of cool.. my dh and I stayed all bundled up and in bed watching/catching up with our favorite shows on TIVO.. it was fun and relaxing.. I want more days like these...*sigh*
I finally got camera back and took pictures Monday night..


Witchie Poo

My son's gift that now is on hold

Due to financial situation (my daughter and her dh have really helped) we decided that for Xmas, handmade and recycled gifts are just the thing this year.. My daughter's idea and it fits right into my wallet... I know she did this for us since she knows I would have been stressing this year. What a lovely soul she is. :)
We always go to her house for Xmas and she is always so overly generous with everyone that this will help her too.. to finally follow the rules we always set up and she never follows.. 2 gifts and not expensive ones.. she never does listen!
The gift that I always ask for every year is that we can all be together and if there are no other gift that is soooo right with me! I guess it is the mother in me.

I cheated this year.. I hinted that besides the family together which is number one, her cross stitching stash is more than enough for me lol.. after all she no longer is stitching and she has a bigger stash than me... just 1/2 of her patterns, magazines and cloth would be more than satisfactory.. :).

Gosh I did not realize how I rambled on and on.. dangerous to be M.I.A. on a long
As always, thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments since they are the only way I will know you have stopped and shared with me...after all they are the footprints of where you have been and ...I really love them..

Nov 27, 2008

A great family day.

I sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day /Thursday whether you celebrated it or not.. :)

I sure kids came over with their spouses and my grandson (my daughters son... It was wonderful.. My son-in-law always likes to cook the Turkey ( who am I to argue?) and my daughter does the rest, yams, hot green bean salad, yams, pumpkin pie... my dh makes awesome stuffing, my daughter -in-law a spinach dip we love and I did a banana bread that my grandson loves (no nuts-he and I agree on that) lol... everything was so good, so delicious that I over did it and I will be rolling tonight and all of tomorrow...ugh where is the alka seltzer... I need to do some serious Happy Dancing to take this

Everyone left by 10pm since everyone works tomorrow and my wonderful son-in-law actually cleaned the kitchen for me this year... usually that is my job since I don't cook and I like that just fine... but he was just so good to me... he let me relax and enjoy time with the kids (they are all adults I know but they are kids to me) and he just took over the kitchen.. left overs put away and sink clean..I was in heaven.
Any time with the family just makes my day.. I am so happy..
I miss my oldest son, he and his family live in update NY so he could not be here...*sigh* maybe some day..

Well I hope your day was as wonderful if not more than mine.. no stitching for me today.. but I don't regret it..

Thanks for stopping by...


Nov 22, 2008

I'm a Glowing!!

Actually Witchy Poo and Sister's are.. Thanks to a very lovely friend who located my much needed Kreinik Blending Filament (they glow in the dark) and had them shipped to me, I was able to start glowing last night.. :)
I didn't do as much progress as I thought I would because I was itching to glow.
Oh my, that filament is so guys know how careful you have to be to get it not to tangle...well, I did so well on the half moon on the left top corner and then I worked on the big moon with bat in the middle and it has two 2 different colores ...oppsy.. I had two bad tangles that after frogging I just said that's it.. it was late and the eyes were not working... I have been sick and this was just to much strain on them..
But, all in all, not bad..right? I figure as long as I do some progress it's better than no progress.
Oh, ugh, humph, I forgot to mention that I kept shutting off the light so I could see the glow...hehehe.. :) (wonder if that's what invited the frog..? sheesh ..
Well, I am off to start my new piece for this week.. it is a gift for my kids..
I still have a month so hopefully I can finish it in time.. it's not difficult but hopefully it comes out good.. more details later..

Thanks for stopping by and please leave your comments..remember they are the footprints of where you have been and ..I really love them..

Nov 21, 2008

Coaster #4 Is Finished!

Goodness I am finally finished with the 4th and last Coaster.."The Tree"..
I have been ill all week, lost my voice and then again of course the migraine (lucky not so severe).. I could only do a few stitches each day and then the eyes would throb, the head would start to split and I knew it was time to quit.
However, I persisted a little each day and the payoff was great... "The Tree" is now done and it will join "Santa, Snowman and The Ornament" hip hip I changed the design a bit.. I added two presents and made a string of gold garland and added some purple iridescent beads.. it really looks better up close with the flash.. you can click the image and see it much better if you like.

Designer: Unknown (came with coasters)
Stitched: On 16ct White Aida
Floss: DMC recommended colores
Kreinik Gold Metallic Blending Filament
Additions: 00252 Mill Hill Beads and added 2 gifts to design.
Started: 10-20-08
Finished: 11-21-08
The bears who reside on the loveseat insisted the should be included.. it is after all their home.
This was a fun project and I really enjoyed it, just life's interruptions insisted on delaying their debut.. My dh is really happy that I finished since he has seen so many WIP's (since my illness) that he was beginning to think I had turned into a starter not a finisher.
Now I will start a few new projects, one is for my kids and another for my dh..
Need to gather my materials and will probably start on the weekend...

Tonight is Friday SAT so I will be working on Witchy Poo and progress since last Friday but tonight should be good, I am feeling better...

Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment, remember they are the footprints of where you have been.. and I love them.

Nov 17, 2008

Witchy Poo My After Pix for Friday's SAT

Well, wasn't much progress.. I was so exhausted after the 3 day intensive training I had that I fell asleep counting stitches!
As you can see the cute spiders are in, the web, I have a sister witch coming along and I worked on the upper right hand corner on the border.
I just received the floss I needed to work on that particular area..courtesy of a great friend... It is Kreinik glow in the dark and I just know that it's gonna look really cute when I add it in... Never worked with the Kreinik so hope it's not too difficult..

Coaster #4

I did make good progress on my last coaster and almost finished it but had a big family personal meeting that took time and so no stitching on Saturday.. but anytime I can spend with them fills by heart.. they are the loves of my life.
Once they are finished I am starting a project for my son who is a fireman and his S.O. who also is a firewoman/person. It is really just three colores so it might be easy but still not sure..
Will keep everyone up to date as soon as I decide..
Thank you for stopping by and please leave your comment remember they are footprints of where you have been and.. I love them..

Nov 14, 2008

Tonight's Stitching

Well, I will be stitching tonight over on Lets Stitch and I tell you I am so looking forward to it... I have been looking for a job and Tues went for an Interview.. Wednesday I was invited back for a three day training.. intensive. Should everything go well, I will be really looking forward to these Friday nights since they will probably be the only time I will be able to relax.. lol..

I am making better progress on Witchy Poo I have started on one of her sisters and she has "spiders".. the web was easy and the spiders simple and cute... I changed the stitch for the spiders from plain x to french knots..gave them a more fluffy round body.. Also started on the last coaster..
Will post pictures after tonight's stitching and my progress..

Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment remember they are the footprints of where you have been... and I love them... :)

Nov 9, 2008

A Wonderful Surprise

A beautiful gift from a beautiful person. Cindy F. (from the "Let's Stitch" blog we belong to) and I have become friends and she sent me this "sneaky surprise"..isn't it great...She knows I love bears and angels so these just made my day..I can't wait to start one.. just in time for xmas too.. but as much as I love the books what I just fell in love with was:

She really out did herself.. I am proud to own one of her stitched designs. Is she not deserving of the title of "BFF" ? Yes I
Cindy's blog is "Lonestar Stitcher and her Ramblings" stop by and see her beautiful work..
I am Lucky!

Again and as always thank you for stopping by. Please leave your comments, remember they are like footprints of where you have I love it.

MR Frog came to visit and stayed!

I did however manage to finish the alphabet for Witchy Poo and Sisters (really called "Gather for a Spell" ) soI feel that I did something but I just know I could have done much more *sigh*.
After a few false steps I finally got into the swing and was feeling good when I got the " Y & Z" I realized that the space was 1-2 stitches over...I boo-boo...but I am not gonna take them out, somehow I will adjust the pattern accordingly..(crossing all fingers and toes)...

On the good news front I did finish another coaster the ornament..yippie... just one more to go.. Of course my dh now decides that he would love to see them in a pillow!..
And I thought I was thru with this project...oh well.

Thank you for stopping by. Leave your comments remember they are like footprints of where you have been..
plus I love it and could use the encouragement :)
Signing out for the moment...

Nov 7, 2008

New Coaster almost done..

Hi all
Just keeping in touch, letting you know what is happening with me and my stitching..
Well I am over the flu symptoms thank goodness, but I still have the headaches..oh well that's not new... I am a migraine sufferer *sigh*..
Too much stress in life just provokes them and I am still struggling to find a job!

Ok enough of that, here is the update on my coasters (remember there are 4 in total).
I just need a few stitches: on the side, the hook, some backstitching.. and then the assembly.. Should finish it today.. I will take a quick break from Witchy Poo on today's "Fri SAT" at Let's Stitch..
Below in last weeks update you will see the Witchy Poo as it was left so I won't post the pic again...
Well, it's 6pm gotta hop over to Let's Stitch and check in...Thanks for stopping by..
Leave your comments remember they are like footprints of where you have been..
plus I love it and could use the encouragement :)

Nov 2, 2008

Updates on my 3 currant WIPs


Took some time between chores and life altering decisions to do a little stitching and managed to finish Coaster number 2 "Snowman"..
He was easy but hard since I should have really checked out the size was just a little too big for the actual circle in the least that what I feel since I had to do a little squeezing here and a little fiddling there to get it to fit after my name and year, but I did it. Not to my wishes but pretty... I am satisfied.. lol no choice!
Started the third and after checking the size fit..I have made the first is an ornament and I will post pictures later..

Witchy POO

I am still working on "Witchy Poo" and she is progressing nicely...
The actual, name of the sampler is "Gathering for a Spell" and it contains 5 witches.. definitely not one that I will finish this year (shucks) but I will give it my best shot to see if I can at least get half way by xmas.
I needed some special Kreinik threads but I could not find them locally so I am just omitting them.. they are the "glow in the dark" colors and they won't take away much to the finished piece...(I am convincing my self slowly)


No significant progress there but a few stitches once in awhile..(alas poor Indian lass)...

Well that's it for now...stop by and say hello by leaving your comments they are always appreciated...and are like footprints of where we have been...

Oct 29, 2008

Witchy Poo has beads and letters

Back with an update on Witchy Poo's progress...
Its been slow but worth while so far...
This weeks challenge was to work on I finished with her beads in the cauldron and began her letters..
Mid way through the second letter I decided that I needed to stitch a grid,something I have never done...never!.. so instead of asking questions or look up instructions I just plowed along thinking I could do this...(It was really late Monday night and I didn't feel like research)
Well, first line was a disaster...well not that bad but after I looked at it I knew I did not do it right. I mean what was the purpose of the grid if not to help you know where to start, stop or end a design...duhhh!

So I made a and started my second (horizontally) and then the third was I got it...(if it's not the correct way don't tell yet please this is working for me) lol ... I could see that I was on my way... I was able to see the start of another letter and it cut my counting in half!
I will never stitch a big pattern without those grid lines it's so much easier and faster..
Tuesday was a life know when life takes over and intrudes on your stitching fun.. Looking for a job, setting up interviews, faxes, emails etc.. then of course the dreaded "housework"!.. I wasn't able to get to cross stitching till late again and I made a little more progress...
Wednesday is catchup with laundry, grocery shopping, etc.. but since I didn't have any interviews lined up :( .. I will be stitching a little today but earlier..
Grid lines here I come.. you can see the few I did already in the picture..

I was going to work on the other 3 coasters but I didn't so far and my poor "Earthdancer" just got a few stitches in...gotta stick with the schedule!

Well, hope you are all are stitching away with your own projects..let me know what you are doing and how it's coming along I would love to always thanks for stopping by

Oct 25, 2008

Late I know, but I had a long night, several interruptions, the beginnings of a migraine and the dreaded frog who just would not leave.
I finished the back stitching and now I am adding the beads..
For those who remember I have not really stitched in a very long time..technically stopped learning in the late 90's... no internet to go to for information, no stitching buddies, so I am like really new at this ( at least that is how I felt last night!)..I have always felt bothered with beading due to them sometimes being loose or downright crooked...So now...I decided to research it and I learned that I had a choice...yeah you probably knew that but eye opener for me...I always just did a half stitch (left to right) and went on the next..well I learned that I can just finish that x but when coming over split the 2 ply and have one on each side of the bead and that will anchor that how lame of me not to have known that already!
I am so much happier with my bead work...Look at how she has all the bead work nice and straight and it's tight! yipee.. lol
I was too tired last night to finish but I will this weekend...gotta wait for the migraine to go away..(and did I mention Mr. Frog)

Oct 24, 2008

Ta-da Santa-Coaster Finished

Well I did it!

I finished Santa after a delay in looking for that non existent DMC 881...
Finally just picked the other close color and then finished the backstitching..
I was delayed in that due to the dreaded frogging (rip out) but then I was able to set it to the coaster... Now just have the other three... This should go faster, I hope..
Well I am off to join in on the Friday
Witchy Poo here I come.. Will post an after picture since the before is the same as last Friday..
Thanks for stopping by...
Leave a comment.. bloggers live for those...:)

Oct 23, 2008

Another WIP

Well, I have been business with life matters that I haven't been able to blog for a few days.. you know...dishes, cooking, housework and of course seeking employment..

Let me bring everyone up to date..
I dug up a seasonal goodie... I started a 6 piece coaster set a long time ago...managed to make two and then stopped due to ...humm shall I say season passed so I put them away...UFO basket... I decided to give the two that I did as gifts and now I had 4...
I started yesterday to make them for a seasonal challenge this week on "Let's stitch".
I had a great time starting the Santa and then discovered that for some reason I did not have one of the floss that may sound ok, but to me since I had almost every color til 1997... a simple number like DMC 881 was suprising...
Well ok, no tragedy I was tired after 5 hours anyway so I figured I can finish it today...
I went to my LNS (Michael's) and (Joanne's) and NO DMC 881!...Not that they were out but it does not exist! Did it ever exist? :( ???.
I know it's not my error..I had the pattern with me! Anyone know if DMC cuts numbers out and forgets who needs them? is there some place were you can find an equivalent to it?
Oh well, I looked at all my floss boxes and came out with a close color.. no biggie I guess..
I finished dear Santa except for one small section of back stitching ( I hate backstitching and the actual finishing of making it into the coaster...

The pictures are of 1 hour 3 hours and 5 hours.. It such a little pattern but I kept getting interrupted and then the search for the missing floss...those pics are in the slide show

The other 3 should be much faster since this time I pulled all the floss and have them in a baggie.. ( should have done that first...!!!)

Well, hope that you agree it's

Now off to start the next one...

Tomorrow is the Friday SAT (sticth-a-thon) and I will be working on Witchie Poo..
so I have not made any addition progress on that one...I did add to "Earthdancer" but not much...I have decided that I will TRY to stick to a projects schedule...
Mon-Thurs Whatever small project I am working on (coasters right now)
Friday Witchy Poo
Weekend Earthdancer..

Well, I said I would TRY! :)

Humm, sounds like a lot of time for stitching but unfortunately it is really an hour here or there except for the Friday SAT..that is 6 hour of bliss..dh is agreeable..yipee..such a sweetie..

Well hoping you join me again with my ramblings.. oh, a friend's blog is called "Lonestar Stitcher and her Ramblings" great site...great
humm maybe I should have called this blog "Sunshine State Stitcher and her Ramblings"?...... nah... after all it's all "For The Love of Art".. :)

Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment.. I'd love to hear from you..

Oct 18, 2008

Witchy Poo

Last few days have been hectic for me and didn't have time for a lot of blogging..
but I did sneak in some stitching...:)

Had the family gather around for late lunch/early dinner today (Sat 10-18) and I had to cook!
I do not really cook dh is the cook here...and oh boy, he is good..
so cooking really took some real thought on my lots of prep time..oh not the food...just the mental part for

I stitched for 5 hrs total last night (Friday 10-17) then my tired old eyes gave up...
You would think I would have made more progress but not only am I slow anyway but the darn frog kept hopping around...ribit ribit..all over..
Lucky me (sarcastically said by the way)..I was working with black floss and had to be extra careful that those nasty floss balls were taken off... *sigh* what one misstep can do! or is that miscount?
Anyway here is my after shot...she really looks like a witch
she is with Bear my Halloween Teddy bear from my daughter.. he insisted on being included..probably thinks Witchy Poo is his

Well I had fun knowing everyone was stitching at the SAT (stitch-a-thon).. it was like having my friends all around me cheering each other on..

Tell me how I'm doing...suggestions and comments are appreciated..
if I can figure out how to work the links (technically challenging) I'd be happy.

Oct 16, 2008

What is it...update

Well here is "What is it and by now you can tell it is not the cookie monster gonzo...

It is a I am making the sampler from a stitch will be my SAT (Stitch a thon) for friday...on Let's stitch..
I will add it to my slide show of WIP's.

I am having so much fun with it...lots of color..