Nov 7, 2008

New Coaster almost done..

Hi all
Just keeping in touch, letting you know what is happening with me and my stitching..
Well I am over the flu symptoms thank goodness, but I still have the headaches..oh well that's not new... I am a migraine sufferer *sigh*..
Too much stress in life just provokes them and I am still struggling to find a job!

Ok enough of that, here is the update on my coasters (remember there are 4 in total).
I just need a few stitches: on the side, the hook, some backstitching.. and then the assembly.. Should finish it today.. I will take a quick break from Witchy Poo on today's "Fri SAT" at Let's Stitch..
Below in last weeks update you will see the Witchy Poo as it was left so I won't post the pic again...
Well, it's 6pm gotta hop over to Let's Stitch and check in...Thanks for stopping by..
Leave your comments remember they are like footprints of where you have been..
plus I love it and could use the encouragement :)


Mylene said...

Your stitching looking good.

Hope your headache disappear very soon.

Cindy F. said...

So sorry to hear about your headaches! I used to get them sooo bad too! Try not to worry so much friend, I promise everything will get better:) Just believe it and it will happen!
I'm so proud of your progress on your coasters! You will have all 4 done soon:)