Nov 9, 2008

MR Frog came to visit and stayed!

I did however manage to finish the alphabet for Witchy Poo and Sisters (really called "Gather for a Spell" ) soI feel that I did something but I just know I could have done much more *sigh*.
After a few false steps I finally got into the swing and was feeling good when I got the " Y & Z" I realized that the space was 1-2 stitches over...I boo-boo...but I am not gonna take them out, somehow I will adjust the pattern accordingly..(crossing all fingers and toes)...

On the good news front I did finish another coaster the ornament..yippie... just one more to go.. Of course my dh now decides that he would love to see them in a pillow!..
And I thought I was thru with this project...oh well.

Thank you for stopping by. Leave your comments remember they are like footprints of where you have been..
plus I love it and could use the encouragement :)
Signing out for the moment...

1 comment:

Cindy F. said...

~~HAPPY DANCE~~WOO HOO!! Congrats Evelyn! I LOVE the ornament coaster! Girl, you've been knocking those things out so fast, you could start selling them! Only one more to go and I know you'll do it:)
Witchy poo's just upset cause her glow in the dark thread hasn't gotten to her yet!! Tell her to put on her big girl panties, they're coming!