Dec 2, 2008


Yep that's me... I have been so outta my skin that I think I am two people...the one that wants to stitch and spend time on the blogs and the realistic one who has to deal with life. Guess which one was M.I.A.?..
Ok, let's start...This past Friday aka as "Black Friday" I got up real early (for me) 5:30 am to get ready for my training/motivating meeting approx 45 mins away..take my husband to work by 8:30am and be at the meeting at 9:30.. It was really good but lasted too long.. til 1:45pm and then a recap with my manager that lasted 20 mins and me with only 1/2 glass of OJ in my system..headache time! I left there went to make a bank deposit and post office.. I was thinking of stopping by one of the craft stores to pick up a few floss colors I needed but the parking lots were logged jammed wherever I looked.. not for me.. got home at 3:30.. I was hungry and exhausted.. I chose to lay down rather than eat! I zonked out for 2 hours, had to get a quick dinner ready (leftovers from turkey day) since dh was coming home early and kids were coming at 7:30pm just made it to pick him up at 6:30pm..traffic was awful on the way back so we got home late and barely had time to relax for a few mins when kids came... good thing they are so good and do not need serving or much attention.. they gave it to me! So lucky I am..
By the time they left and I could get to stitching it was almost 10pm and I was surprised that I was actually itching to get to it..
I didn't have much time for my usual Friday night SAT but I wanted to join so I jumped right in. (forgot to even post that I was stitching with them).
An off chance remark from my dh had made me stopping to think, he commented that I was beginning new projects and forgetting the old ones", so I pulled out "Earthdancer" and though it wasn't much I stitched a little on that.. a little on "Witchie Poo" and on the gifts for my kids... I kinda looked wired or crazy, maybe both!
Mr Frog was with me but no serious damaged I was able to catch him quickly..

Saturday I had to go to my local training class (they are every Mon, Thurs and Sat..the big meetings are on Fridays 45mins away... oh well it's part of this new job opportunity that I am starting.
Then came home and had no umph to get to stitching but I did tackle one of the gifts.. I realize that at this pace I will not get to finish it for Xmas so guess what? it is going to be put away for a little bit.. instead I got a couple of small ones that I can finish... maybe into ornaments, frames or pillow? will see how it goes.. unfortunately I never got to take pictures.. I left my camera with my daughter to print some Turkey Day pictures.
Sunday it rained and rained and rained...and was kinda of cool.. my dh and I stayed all bundled up and in bed watching/catching up with our favorite shows on TIVO.. it was fun and relaxing.. I want more days like these...*sigh*
I finally got camera back and took pictures Monday night..


Witchie Poo

My son's gift that now is on hold

Due to financial situation (my daughter and her dh have really helped) we decided that for Xmas, handmade and recycled gifts are just the thing this year.. My daughter's idea and it fits right into my wallet... I know she did this for us since she knows I would have been stressing this year. What a lovely soul she is. :)
We always go to her house for Xmas and she is always so overly generous with everyone that this will help her too.. to finally follow the rules we always set up and she never follows.. 2 gifts and not expensive ones.. she never does listen!
The gift that I always ask for every year is that we can all be together and if there are no other gift that is soooo right with me! I guess it is the mother in me.

I cheated this year.. I hinted that besides the family together which is number one, her cross stitching stash is more than enough for me lol.. after all she no longer is stitching and she has a bigger stash than me... just 1/2 of her patterns, magazines and cloth would be more than satisfactory.. :).

Gosh I did not realize how I rambled on and on.. dangerous to be M.I.A. on a long
As always, thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments since they are the only way I will know you have stopped and shared with me...after all they are the footprints of where you have been and ...I really love them..