Nov 15, 2009

Updates for now

Well, Halloween is over and so are my crafts for this occasion...I manage to do three projects and that's good for one-night a week crafting... We at the club have had some back sliding with someone always being out for one or two were barely taken yesterday but the projects were done on time...10-30..cutting it close!

Regardless we finished the Halloween "envelope" mini album pic #1-2, notice on the top the envelope flaps, the "kit" album pic 3-4 and I did a tri fold card.. (had to do something meanwhile)...picture 5.
I decided I still want to add the ribbons and pictures on the albums but that is being done already today...

Our next project we are currently working on is a recipe box that actually will be an idea box... Each time we have an idea of what we want to do, we can fill a card with design info like color, design etc then when we discuss a new project we whip them out and present it, take a vote and that is it... so interesting lol... Michaels had a sale a couple months back and the boxes were $.49 each so you just can't beat that.. and the idea is to decorate with our leftover scraps... I am not really happy with what I am doing, someone had suggested mosaic so I tried and for me it is yuck.. not my cup of tea, at least what I have done so far.. the girls did well...I just might redo the top..
but not sure yet...

I am having problems downloading the pics right now but will keep trying... Edit never mind did it.... sorry lol

Changing the subject for a moment...has anyone read James Patterson..I think it is the newest one that is out, well to me, "Cross Country" I just started it and it is great just like all his others based on his "Cross" character... since I have seen the movies with Morgan Freeman I always imagine his voice when reading...happen to you? I can almost see him reading...ok ok I do have a vivid imagination..

I also on occasion go to the library and take out the cds and the voice there I swear sounds like him somewhat...well to me
I love to read and inspired my daughter to be a bookworm too..though we each have different taste somewhat as we got older... She likes mystery gory the series of Vampires by Anne Rice...I only saw the movie of Lestat " Interview with a Vampire"...I like my vampires like "Twilight" cute and As a child I like Dracula,Frankenstein so I don't know what happen to me I hate to watch any of the Halloween..Friday 13th she loves them... .. When it comes to Patterson we love his Cross series.. We also love the Nora Roberts books.. mostly me...humm maybe I should add a side bar title of favorite authors or books... OF course I need to go to my home library and check cause I tend to forget the authors or the titles...gosh it's hard getting old!
I have a huge amount of paperbacks.. and a growing amount of hardcovers and I just donated over 100 books to the locate library and sold in a garage sale quite a bit... didn't like doing it but needed money and once I started to take a few books out it a job...

Well bloggers I hope you enjoyed my fun too, hope to share more with you soon.. Thanks for stopping by...and leave a comment why don't you..