Sep 7, 2010

Labor Day and Update on Witchie Poo and Her sisters

Labor Day around my house was exactly that LABOR....My daughter was able to get
for me the Expediate from Ikea...awesome...but that meant taking all my books and albums out of the old bookcase and that was no picnic...
I have craft books galore not including magazines... all kinds of crafts....
I now need to weed them out into...keep and ebay them or garage sale...
No pictures yet cause the room is a mess and the camera refuse to take
No sooner had I started to returned them to their place...then brain storm of the kids they wanted to get into the garage...sooo we stopped and began hauling boxes after boxes... Lots of things that I had not seen in ages... Needless to say lots of garbage well maybe not garbage exactly but goodwill will make a bundle...
Clothes, toys, boxes of books.. old crafts no longer wanted..remember macrame..yep I have a large box of cords...ugh.....painting supplies, photography supplies and photograph books and a heck of a lot more...everyone had at least a box of something there...but no one claimed them..."no no leave at mommy's house..she had big garage, we'll get it later..."
right!!! later never came... well too late now that I started fair warning it goes!!
Ever seen those hoarders show on TV my garage looked like that minus the rotting food and clothes scattered all around.. everything was in boxes and bags but tooo darn much..

My muscles ache and even those that I never hurt before! Today is rest day...
(and I still ended emptying a few boxes and set up the trash for tomorrow...)
If I was a drinking woman I would have be drunk now so I could numb the pain..

No working anymore today... playtime!
Every thing is done that I am willing to do... My dh was so special yesterday
He cooked extra dishes for today cause he knew I would not be able to make even

Witchie Poo has the third sister 3/4 done, worked on the background but it's all black and boring, plus a lot of the back stitching that I hate to do..I figure if I finish an area that I will not touch again go for it..
my new philosophy... plan ahead... lol
I wonder why I did not do it before so much easier...

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