Oct 24, 2009

Altered Divas Craft Club

Hi all...hope everyone is well and scraping or cross stitching and having fun..
Yeah that's our club name, not very original but aptly put!

I have been continuing on my scraping kick ( let's see how long I last at this) lol.
Life is still same old same old.. maybe a little tougher since the longer I am out of work ....well you know.... I thank the girls at my Scrap & Bitch club for keeping me sane...at least seeing them once a week gets me to see and do something different and fun to distract me from it all for a few hours.. especially my daughter she is so precious and she just keeps me going.. If it weren't for her and the rest of my family I'd be mush brained and...
Well, onward and upward & all that...
Like I said I would do last post these are some of the pictures of projects we have and or been working on..

This was the 4th of July Album we did and actually finished on time...lol and...Our 2010 Planner/Organizer, mine was named "Plan It Scrap It" also finished and since it's for 2010 we are actually ahead..yay!

Also a Halloween album made from card stock...don't you just love Frankie? he is made from Quick Kutz...so cute...We are working on two more Halloween books.. one is made from envelopes and one was a kit from Michael's..pictures of those when we finish them...

Since it was/is the yearly cruise vacations time of 2 of the girls...one just came back from a 15 day trip (oh my we missed her) and the other one leaves next week for a week but will miss this week getting ready...My dd and I couldn't stay without doing something so we did the envelope one and introduced it to the girls who immediately started theirs..
We are really falling behind our planned scheduled projects since we always help each other catch up even if it is just cutting paper or punching holes.
My dd is the projects manager and instructor... the others are refreshment coordinators and me... I just try to keep up!....lol
Thank goodness that my stash for scrap booking was pretty good before this economic crisis so I can always contribute some supplies (my dd always manages to give me something) In fact just Thursday she gifted me with the new (not sure when it came out actually) craft tote from three birds... we saw them in a class we took last Saturday called "Twilight" by Marah Johnson..thank you darling daughter.... I had so much fun...pretty and dirty... here is a picture of the album...drooling still..
Notice the paint and glitter stains, this was after several washings with wipes...my face even had glitter!

Well bloggers I hope you enjoyed my fun too, hope to share more with you soon.. we changed our club night to today Saturday so hopefully we finish a book and I'll take pictures... also should start either our recipe box, club event album or card box... we changed the order so not sure where we are...remember I just show up! lol

As always, thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments since they are the only way I will know you have stopped and shared with me...after all they are the footprints of where you have been and ...I really love them..