Dec 29, 2009

Xmas.. Came and Went..... Wow..

Happy Holidays everyone...hope yours was as great as mine...
As usual I spend it with family and this year it was no different...only change was that instead of my daughter's place they wanted to come here..bigger place....(mom's dream). I always want them to come over but due to family obligations, school and work they are not here as often as I would like so this was awesome for dh and me...
We had so much fun...we have laughed til tears were sliding down my face... everyone was in great spirits ( well my daughter was starting a cold) we watched a movie, played games and opened presents!!!!! yay... we did not go out and spend lots of money...there wasn't any really... but what we did was think of cute and imaginative gifts...things we refurbished etc... for example my computer only has two usb hookups- I always complain cause I have to do a few things and then I have to wait.. for example to recharge my IPOD and download any pics, hook up my external drive etc.. so guest what I got yay... a HUB in shape of a whale... my son and his girl got us each one, put them all in a grab bag and eyes closed we picked one...I got a red one...yay..dh a purple and so daughter picked a white one... and creative one that she is came back next day and showed us what she did...she used her alcohol inks and painted's gorgeous... my daughter got a new computer from her dh and her dad and I gave her a new computer bag (this new comp was wider so old bag did not have space for all..) we always give the kids socks and for the boys belts and everyone sweats/hoodies... they always look out for them hahaha I wonder what will happen the year we don't... We have a "Old Navy" store close by and they had a great sale so we just stocked up... I made "6x6" picture albums for the girls (and club girls too) and they came out cute.... everyone seemed to like them. My honey gave me an adorable Penguin speaker for my comp and IPOD (well I think I can use it anywhere since it came with several cords/hookups..but what do I know... I also got a great gift from my daughter and fam... I lost my mini printer cable and have tried to find it online but couldn't (it comes with the printer only...special I guess) my daughter beg and beg the manufacture and they sent her one... yay. there is a Santa Claus at that ... My son received a new (refurbished) laptop from us... here is what I mean.. My dh had a 2nd laptop he got in July super sale and what we did was just remove any personal stuff and re-boxed it... It was really a few months, my husband takes care of his electronics like they were his babies! lol.. my son was ecstatic...his had gotten so messed up a few months ago..cable and screen case trashed (he dropped it I think...) then he got a major virus mess and lost so much data, project school videos etc... anyway with his studying all the time he needed it... Oh my I forgot to mention ( bad mommy) he just graduated from "Paramedics" so now he is EMT, Fireman and a Paramedic... so he deserved it..
There were so many other gifts pasted along, lots of funnies and practical things GPS, perfume, telephone, a cool e-book machine, regular books (got the Lost Symbol -by Dan Brown) sports cups and pj's, hand held games, watch, what my daughter calls gadgets ( swiss army knives, camera, (yes I got a new camera-red) etc..and of course the FOOD... yummy, great Xmas and great weekend... the best gift I can honestly say is the love we all shared and the closeness we all felt....

So sorry did not realize how long winded I was...happy I how was your Xmas..?

Thank you for stopping by.. took lots of pictures and will download them later today.. got to get the camera ready for NEW YEAR!
Have a great time and please above all be SAFE..