Nov 27, 2008

A great family day.

I sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day /Thursday whether you celebrated it or not.. :)

I sure kids came over with their spouses and my grandson (my daughters son... It was wonderful.. My son-in-law always likes to cook the Turkey ( who am I to argue?) and my daughter does the rest, yams, hot green bean salad, yams, pumpkin pie... my dh makes awesome stuffing, my daughter -in-law a spinach dip we love and I did a banana bread that my grandson loves (no nuts-he and I agree on that) lol... everything was so good, so delicious that I over did it and I will be rolling tonight and all of tomorrow...ugh where is the alka seltzer... I need to do some serious Happy Dancing to take this

Everyone left by 10pm since everyone works tomorrow and my wonderful son-in-law actually cleaned the kitchen for me this year... usually that is my job since I don't cook and I like that just fine... but he was just so good to me... he let me relax and enjoy time with the kids (they are all adults I know but they are kids to me) and he just took over the kitchen.. left overs put away and sink clean..I was in heaven.
Any time with the family just makes my day.. I am so happy..
I miss my oldest son, he and his family live in update NY so he could not be here...*sigh* maybe some day..

Well I hope your day was as wonderful if not more than mine.. no stitching for me today.. but I don't regret it..

Thanks for stopping by...