Nov 2, 2008

Updates on my 3 currant WIPs


Took some time between chores and life altering decisions to do a little stitching and managed to finish Coaster number 2 "Snowman"..
He was easy but hard since I should have really checked out the size was just a little too big for the actual circle in the least that what I feel since I had to do a little squeezing here and a little fiddling there to get it to fit after my name and year, but I did it. Not to my wishes but pretty... I am satisfied.. lol no choice!
Started the third and after checking the size fit..I have made the first is an ornament and I will post pictures later..

Witchy POO

I am still working on "Witchy Poo" and she is progressing nicely...
The actual, name of the sampler is "Gathering for a Spell" and it contains 5 witches.. definitely not one that I will finish this year (shucks) but I will give it my best shot to see if I can at least get half way by xmas.
I needed some special Kreinik threads but I could not find them locally so I am just omitting them.. they are the "glow in the dark" colors and they won't take away much to the finished piece...(I am convincing my self slowly)


No significant progress there but a few stitches once in awhile..(alas poor Indian lass)...

Well that's it for now...stop by and say hello by leaving your comments they are always appreciated...and are like footprints of where we have been...


Cindy F. said...

Nana!! ~~HAPPY DANCE~~ for "Snowman"!!!! Another finish! YOU GO GIRL!! It's is ADORABLE!! and I think you made it fit perfectly! I love it! And you've already started your 3rd! Look, you WILL get these done by Christmas:) STITCH, STITCH, STITCH!
I can't wait to see more of your Spell piece. 5 witches sounds too cute! x at a time. It'll be done when you're ready for it to be:)
Hey, tell me the floss colors you're missing on your witch sampler and let me see if we have them here!
I hope your husband is getting over his flu:(

ange said...

your santa & snowman are just adorable! where did you get the coasters from?

Nana said...

Cindy Thank you for your happy dance.. It help drive away the bad "flu" symptoms..almost...Witchy and her sisters is a real pretty piece that I know I will stick to it til finish...
Thanks for the offer to look for the floss.. I will email you with the numbers are true BBF..

Ange the coasters were bought ages ago either at Michaels or Joanna's.. I have tried to find more but no luck so far.. Thanks for the kind words..


Mylene said...

Those coasters are sooo cute. Great job.