Oct 16, 2008

What is it...update

Well here is "What is it and by now you can tell it is not the cookie monster gonzo...

It is a WITCH...lol... I am making the sampler from a stitch magazine...it will be my SAT (Stitch a thon) for friday...on Let's stitch..
I will add it to my slide show of WIP's.

I am having so much fun with it...lots of color..

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Quirky said...

Thank you, Nana for your kind words on Let's Stitch. I'm making the biscornue for my missus...her favourite colour is lime green. This will be my first attempt at making a biscornue. The pattern for this one was @ http://sashkinhouse.blogspot.com/
She has some other really lovely patterns on her blog.

I found a tutorial on how to put them together @ http://own-two-hands.livejournal.com/4186.html

If you do a search for biscornue, you will come up with heaps of interesting links...lots of freebie patterns, too.

As for the "What Is It?" It was elementary dear Watson! lol You were stitching in purple...and it is near Halloween...a good chance it will be a witch! I really look forward to seeing your continued progress on it. Purple is my favourte colour...and I love Halloween and witchy stitcheries