Oct 15, 2008

Making Progress

Well this week I made some progress on the "Earthdancer" design and actually added quite a bit of the dress and made it all the way down to one foot...If you know the design you know that there is a lot of the color "ecru" and it is quite boring but I stuck with it and am happy with the results...I am taking a picture of it and will add it to the slide show and you will see what I mean...
"Sleeping Beauty" has taken a back burner for now and "What is it?" has also gotten some stitching in...you can actually see the design! yeah it's not Cookie Monster or Gonzo anymore..I will be stitching on this one for Stitch-a-long I joined with a whole bunch of nice ladies..at "http://letsstitch.blogspot.com" I have been having a blast there....
These are the only ones I will work on for now..well that's what I say but there are so many possibilities and so many wips...lol.. (*Nana whistling and watching husband rolling his eyes in disbelief"*)
I am really trying to stick to it...honest...lol

Well I am off to take some pictures..and stitching...
Will keep you informed of my progress.

Oh, by the way I learned how to insert my signature in my favorite color...well I like a darker green but beggars can't be choosers.. cool huh? I really am loving this blogging stuff...why I resisted so long beats me.

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