Oct 18, 2008

Witchy Poo

Last few days have been hectic for me and didn't have time for a lot of blogging..
but I did sneak in some stitching...:)

Had the family gather around for late lunch/early dinner today (Sat 10-18) and I had to cook!
I do not really cook often..my dh is the cook here...and oh boy, he is good..
so cooking really took some real thought on my part....lol...thus lots of prep time..oh not the food...just the mental part for me...lol.

I stitched for 5 hrs total last night (Friday 10-17) then my tired old eyes gave up...
You would think I would have made more progress but not only am I slow anyway but the darn frog kept hopping around...ribit ribit..all over..
Lucky me (sarcastically said by the way)..I was working with black floss and had to be extra careful that those nasty floss balls were taken off... *sigh* what one misstep can do! or is that miscount?
Anyway here is my after shot...she really looks like a witch now...lol
she is with Bear my Halloween Teddy bear from my daughter.. he insisted on being included..probably thinks Witchy Poo is his mom...lol

Well I had fun knowing everyone was stitching at the SAT (stitch-a-thon).. it was like having my friends all around me cheering each other on..

Tell me how I'm doing...suggestions and comments are appreciated..
if I can figure out how to work the links (technically challenging) I'd be happy.


Quirky said...

G'day Nana,

I've found a site with links for heaps of biscornues. It is...

Enjoy :):)

Western Australia

Lizzy said...

Oh, you're coming right along with Witchy Poo, Nana! She's looking so cute... love the Halloweeny Teddy as well... Sorry those dreaded black frogs wouldn't leave you in peace... they've been darkening my door of late as well... Hopefully they've moved on to a Lily Pad out in the swamp somewhere and will leave us in peace! :)