Dec 20, 2008

The Tree Progress

Wow I actually stitched 6 hours straight last night during the SAT with only the one necessary pitstop...even did without food! I am very pleased with my progress.
This design is so whimsical that I just love it and am looking forward to doing another of Michael Powell's cute designs.
I quit at 12:30am and crashed into bed, got up early for a work meeting.. then came home and after finally eating something did a little decorating around the house.. I am now going to quit since it is almost time to take everything down truthfully though I tend to leave everything up til the start of New Year so will really see lots of glowing lights for a while (will keep me inspired for any Xmas project I don't get to finish, good head start for next year...:)
Here is my tree..what do you think?

Will be a little sad to see it go but since it's for the kids I know I will see it again and again.. I know too that I will eventually make one for my self..

My daughter stopped by this afternoon and I had to scramble to hide my Rudolph and Tree and take out another project quickly... close call.

After they left the house was quieter and I gotta tell you I had a little bit of a fright. I was hearing a little bit of a noise but I couldn't distinguish what it was exactly and asked my husband but he couldn't tell.. I thought maybe it was from outside so I didn't give it much thought I figured. My husband was watching TV-sports (what else) and then fell asleep so I turned the sound down and decided to go back to my stitching for a while... no sooner had I taken my project out that I started to hear the sound again..eerie...this time it was like a voice I thought then maybe two voices.. I strained my ears to listen but still couldn't make out the words or where they were coming from.. I was getting curious and just a tad freaked out.. I searched the house going room to room.. nothing there but as I got closer to my favorite chair (cross stitch spot)I could again hear I could tell they were voices..I felt a chill, I knew those voices..I got closer and leaned down to hear.. "Well, she really did turned out to be a fickle friend" one said..I was indignant.. they could not be talking about me, could they?.. "And after all we have been together, she treats us like this!" said the other voice, I knew it was the older of the two..... "And remember how she was besides her self when she was stuck and that wonderful new friend came to her rescue?" ... said the cheeks burned..they WERE talking about me.. I was so embarrassed but confused what had I done to them..surely they understood what had happened? they were my friends and I felt that would know that I would never forget them and just because we had not been able to spend some time together it was due to time... I thought about my new friend..she had been there for me .. did she too think I had abandoned the others? Surely not..we talked all the time and she knew what I was doing, my schedule and she was always caring and constantly encouraging...
Wow, I started to laugh for it was my conscience the form of "Witchie Poo and her Sister" I uncovered them and apologized, made all the right ohhs and ahhs of how well they were holding up and promised that as soon as the holidays were over I would be with them again..pinkie swear.... My goodness they may be green in the face but I swear I saw some pleased as punch pink cheeks... It may not be New Year's yet but I have made one resolution and that is to return to dear friends (new and old, real and stitched ones) and share the new year...together. The sister's and I have toasted to it!!

As always, thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments since they are the only way I will know you have stopped and shared with me...after all they are the footprints of where you have been and ...I really love them..


Wendy said...

What a nice progress already, it's really looking great!!!
And what a story, well it's good to have good friends and spent some time with them. I love my friends also and can enjoy to spent time with them.

Karen said...

Cute had me going thinking you had some friendly ghosts! Nice stitching on your tree.

Cindy F. said...

OK! You got me!! I had to read it twice! The first time I thought...who would have the nerve to stand outside her home and say those mean things!!
I'm sure witchie and her sister miss you but they'll have to's the holidays and you're working and very busy:) Nana, I love your tree! You've made beautiful progress on it. You may have to make another one to keep:) Love the outlined star!!