Dec 12, 2008

Rudolph almost done!

Since I have had so little time this week I almost managed to finish Rudolph but not quite... was up til 3:30am last night but then I started on him at 10:30pm and then up by 7:20am...not good.
I am having my Friday SAT tonight and I am sure I will have him finished.
Maybe even finished-finished if I could just decide how... I am leaning towards a hanger with maybe a felt back.. I have a kit with snowmen that are done this way so I think I will borrow the idea.. It seems to be the quickest and I really need to get going on this.. I still have a tree and snowmen to do...oh my will I finish or will I be giving this on New Year's..:(
The designs are really easy but I need to actually get to it..*sigh*... I remember actually saying I thought the days were long.. ha, I must have been delirious or dreaming..
I love being busy but this is ridiculous..I feel like I am spinning in circles..
Looking forward to Xmas since I see more of my kids but then I dread it..know what I mean? Not ready yet!

Well off to make dinner and a small nap if I expect to be up to stitching at 6pm.. gee I hope I don't sleep thru the whole

As always, thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments since they are the only way I will know you have stopped and shared with me... after all they are the footprints of where you have been and ... I really love them..


Candi said...

Rudolf looks great!! I stitched tonight and I had to pack before that. I'am wore out. We are leaving for Disney World on Tuesday and have to give most of our luggage to my boyfriends parents tomorrow. Uhg... I need a couple more hours in a day.

Mylene said...

Update is looking great. I am sure you are finish with it by now.
I had a nap this afternoon too instead of picking up my needle but i feel very tired as it's quite busy here the last days.

Cindy F. said...

Good grief!! You sound like me!
But how in the world are you functioning with your sleeping hours like that!! I'm a night person, but I think you have insomnia! Rudolph is adorable and I think your finishing idea sounds perfect!!