Oct 24, 2008

Ta-da Santa-Coaster Finished

Well I did it!

I finished Santa after a delay in looking for that non existent DMC 881...
Finally just picked the other close color and then finished the backstitching..
I was delayed in that due to the dreaded frogging (rip out) but then I was able to set it to the coaster... Now just have the other three... This should go faster, I hope..
Well I am off to join in on the Friday SAT..fun..
Witchy Poo here I come.. Will post an after picture since the before is the same as last Friday..
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1 comment:

Cindy F. said...

WOO HOO!!! HAPPY DANCE! Nana you completed your santa coaster!! That is EXCELLENT!! He is just gorgeous :) Only 3 more to go and you'll have the set by THIS Christmas! stitch, stitch, stitch!! hahaha....I'm so proud of you:)