Oct 25, 2008

Late I know, but I had a long night, several interruptions, the beginnings of a migraine and the dreaded frog who just would not leave.
I finished the back stitching and now I am adding the beads..
For those who remember I have not really stitched in a very long time..technically stopped learning in the late 90's... no internet to go to for information, no stitching buddies, so I am like really new at this ( at least that is how I felt last night!)..I have always felt bothered with beading due to them sometimes being loose or downright crooked...So now...I decided to research it and I learned that I had a choice...yeah you probably knew that but eye opener for me...I always just did a half stitch (left to right) and went on the next..well I learned that I can just finish that x but when coming over split the 2 ply and have one on each side of the bead and that will anchor that bead..wow.. how lame of me not to have known that already!
I am so much happier with my bead work...Look at how she has all the bead work nice and straight and it's tight! yipee.. lol
I was too tired last night to finish but I will this weekend...gotta wait for the migraine to go away..(and did I mention Mr. Frog)

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Lizzy said...

OH, those pesky frogs are back at your house... Just toss them in Witchy Poo's cauldron and be done with them, Sweety... and let it be a warning to others who dare to venture near your stitching! lol I'm sorry to hear those old frogs were at it again, Nana... hopefully, they will leave you in peace so you can finish her... She's really looking lovely!!!

And when I started stitching again back in 2003 I didn't know a thing about beading... luckily I had a couple of stitching friends I rang up for advice... and thankfully, the Internet!

Good luck with the beading and {{{Hugs}}}