Nov 17, 2008

Witchy Poo My After Pix for Friday's SAT

Well, wasn't much progress.. I was so exhausted after the 3 day intensive training I had that I fell asleep counting stitches!
As you can see the cute spiders are in, the web, I have a sister witch coming along and I worked on the upper right hand corner on the border.
I just received the floss I needed to work on that particular area..courtesy of a great friend... It is Kreinik glow in the dark and I just know that it's gonna look really cute when I add it in... Never worked with the Kreinik so hope it's not too difficult..

Coaster #4

I did make good progress on my last coaster and almost finished it but had a big family personal meeting that took time and so no stitching on Saturday.. but anytime I can spend with them fills by heart.. they are the loves of my life.
Once they are finished I am starting a project for my son who is a fireman and his S.O. who also is a firewoman/person. It is really just three colores so it might be easy but still not sure..
Will keep everyone up to date as soon as I decide..
Thank you for stopping by and please leave your comment remember they are footprints of where you have been and.. I love them..

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Cindy F. said...

The spiders are TOO cute:) You made a lot of progress on this! Good job!!
And another coaster!!! and it's almost done:) I love it!
Good job Nana!!
Glad you got to spend time with your family!