Sep 24, 2009

Good Grief!

I can't believe that at least 1/2 the year has gone by and I have not
I still continued to stitch but I just wasn't blogging about it sorry to all who actually like to hear me talk....( not my family lol)...
Well to catch you up like I said I actually did stitch but not a whole lot truthfully... I decided to take a break and go back to scrapping for awhile....
I rejoined my Scrap and _itch Club... Made contact with the other girls and fired them up.... yes I am the instigator in this
It has been life sent... or mental sent??? I have something to brighten my week and in July we finished our first project.. it is a July 4th paper album...
We had started in June but the first 2 meetings went in catching up and gathering supplies... we met on Wednesdays and had to change to Fridays... We kept staying longer and longer and two members including the house owner worked the next day... Friday was a better fit... True I can't seem to get a job to save my life but then two other members lost their jobs...bummer... One luckily did find another but Debs and I are still unemployed... One of the reason I look forward to these meetings so I can forget about the problems... We now actually stop no earlier than 1:30am so you can almost call it a midnight crop ( I've been known to get home 2-3am with dh sleeping away and not any wiser lol)
Our second project is a yearly planner, it came out so beautiful... third project a flip flop album... still working on that one but it just needs the pictures and some bling....adorable...The owner of the house Nan just took off on an 18 day cruise so we are meeting at my house this Friday (gosh I gotta really move some stuff around to fit) and I guess next week someone else... Oh I forgot...for Labor day we decided the group needed a getaway so we went to Fort Myers Beach, one of the girls has a time share and had already booked it so my daughter and I joined them and we did a 12hr scrapathon...we were exhausted but really happy... I fell into a coma when I got home and saw my bed.. Dh just laughed. We will be working on putting the finishing touches on "Flip-Flop" and starting hopefully the new project... I think it an file folder project cause "teacher" asked to gather 4 folders or we will start our Halloween but that is not big so I am not sure...
Well that's my life away from stitching so far.. I have managed to work on my craft room and the closet is done, packed and (I just can't seem to get rid of the stuff/crafts I no longer use..(I hear a garage sale coming up)
Followers / loyal friends thank you for listening..

Are there any scrappers among you... if so let me know.. ok now these are just a few pics I have on the computer still need to get the others but just so you get the idea..
this one is you can see not finished at this time...

Well friends adios till the next time..


Wendy said...

ooooh Nana, I'm so glad you are back. I did miss you very much!!

You made some gorgeous things. And....I'm a scrapper too :)

Sending you big Belgian hugs,

PS : We need to try to chat again together with Cindy ;)

Cindy F. said...

NANA!!! YOU'RE BACK!!! I'm so glad you've had such good friends to keep you busy and I know you've helped to keep them happy and entertained:)
I'm sorry you haven't found a job yet, but thank goodness you have dh and friends! I LOVE your flip flop project! That is just too darn cute!!
I've actually been in the mood to scrap again too....and not a lot of!! Please don't stop blogging. We miss you girl!! Sending you BIG (((HUGS)))!!!