Oct 10, 2008

My Big Project

Cross Stitching projects fall in 3 sizes around my house...
Small 1-1/2 inch to 6"
Med 6 1/2" to 12"
Large 12" up

I have been looking at my stash of WIP (work in progress) and oh my!

small 9
med 8
large 3


Due to serious health issues in 1996, and many years after I stopped cross stitching.
I had started many projects as you can see and suddenly .....no more cross stitching for me.. I could no longer hold a fine thin needle :(

Each year that past I would try to work on cross stitch but due to nerve damage to my right hand I would not be able to continue for long... I managed to finish some small items and even made a few I had not started before but it was painful and hard...and took forever! ( when you drop a needle and don't realize you have until you wonder why it has not come out the front you know you are in trouble.. lol....)

I had to switch to other art forms that would satisfy my love of color and creativity..
So....., I took up scrap booking and the making of ATC's. Lots of cutting and gluing, though in a more updated fashion and with creative tools... I love those diecuts, stickers and whatnot's..

Last month, Sept/08, due to a closet mishap (too much weight on it) I was forced to go in and try to organize... yuck... I found so many crafts that I no longer do...some were the fad of the year...remember macrame? lol I actually did that well even had a small business of it...
I began to sort into keeps and discards.. and reaching under some really heavy bags...
Lo and behold I found my treasure trove of CROSS STITCH ... boxes of floss, magazines from 3 years of subscriptions, 4 binders with leaflets patterns...cloth, hoops, well if you know cross stitchers you know about stashes... we love them... Well I said to myself "enough is enough...I love to cross stitch and I miss it..I want to do it..."
After getting my husband to reinforce my shelf I began to reorganize... but I left out anything cross stitch..lol
Some of it found itself in my bedroom where I sorted and ohhh and ahhh....
I realize that though I had stopped cross stitching and doing other things I still was going through the pain and misery...true I enjoyed what I was doing but I loved cross stitching more..
I picked 3 projects that I had started..one from each category and gathering my supplies sat and started to stitch... pain yes but my heart sings...
I have managed to actually finish two small pieces that really did not have that much to go and have made progress in one large piece...
Today 10-10-08 I joined a blog cross stitch site that has Friday cross stitch night...challenge is a sampler and so I just had to start one... lol.
I am super slow but then it isn't a race just a great group that encourages it members to enjoy themselves sharing....their views, their work thru pictures, their help and then applauds your triumphs.
I am going to enjoy it there...
I will be posting pictures of my work as it progresses and those that I have done/finished...just have to get the hang of this posting and downloading. First blog...lol
Thanks you for visiting....


Quirky said...

G'day Nana,
Welcome to the blogiverse! I've just started x-stitching again after an 8 year break. I look forward to seeing your progress thru Let's Stitch.

Sherry said...

Glad to see you blogging! I quit stitching for a very long time also but because another medical reason. My story is very similar though cause I missed it terribly. I finally said "I have to stitch" and am so happy!

Laura said...

That is wonderful that you re-discovered cross-stitch and that you are able to do it again (even if it slow - it is still stitching!)

I just came back to the x-stitch fold too! I am really excited!!! The last few Fridays I have had plans outside of the house so I could not participate. This coming Friday I am going to make sure to be stitching on Let's Stitch!

Your blog is great! Glad you are having so much fun with the whole thing!

Nana said...

Thank you....I am having so much fun setting this up...but I better be careful...I am losing stitching time! lol... I too love seeing your pieces and seeing the progress...I am honored to be among you..

WOW, I am official now a Blogger too.. at my age.. who woulda thunk... :)